Olaplex “the Holy Grail for hair colour” at Nyumba

The latest thing in beauty that everyone is talking about is Olaplex. After months of testing in select salons mainly in the US (after having been created in a Californian garage by two chemists) it is finally here in the UK.

What is it?
It’s essentially an in-salon turbo-charged hair treatment which repairs bonds within the hair’s structure that are broken down by heat, colouring or any other treatments. What sets it aside from all other treatments of this kind is that while they merely add moisture to the hair, Olaplex actually repairs and rebuilds the broken bonds within the hair. So the result is super silky, shiny hair – even after it’s been heavily highlighted, tinted or bleached.
Michael Charalambous has been road-testing Olaplex on his high profile clients (including Claudia Winkleman and Jade Jagger) for the past few months and is thrilled with the results, calling it, “the holy grail of hair colour” for its transforming and ultra glossing results.

Olaplex can be used as a one-off stand-alone treatment for a super boost to anyone’s hair. Or even better, it can be incorporated it into your hair colouring treatment (it can actually be mixed in with the colour product) for an even more stunning result to the overall colour. Think of it as a super glossing and restorative treatment while you are having your colour done.

Not only will the colour look better, it will last longer.
What’s not to love?

Prices from £35.00